It’s not Dr. Evil’s “laser”

The use of lasers is very common in the medical world and they can be used for a wide variety of problems including the treatment of toenail fungus.  Until recently, the only effective option for treating toenail fungus was to take an oral medication for at least 3 months however these medications had serious potential side effects and risks.   The potential for causing liver damage and the hassle of having blood tests prior to starting treatment turned many patients and their doctors away.  A laser called the Pinpointe laser has been developed by a company called Patholase to kill toenail fungus.  Doctors have been using it off-label for several years with good results and no side effects. Even better news, is that it no longer has to be used off-label; this fall the Pinpointe Footlaser finally received FDA approval.

Laser gets FDA approval

At STRIDE, we use the Pinpointe Footlaser by Patholase to kill toenail fungus.  This is the only laser with FDA approval for toenail fungus. 

About stridewellbeing

STRIDE is an innovative medical practice that combines fine podiatric medical and surgical services with the only medical spa entirely dedicated to your feet.
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